Nyeman KhAI-5

The Nyeman R-10 (KhAI-5) was a Soviet reconnaissance and light bomber aircraft, designed in the mid 1930s in the Kharkiv Aviation Institute, under the direction of Iosif Grigorevich Nyeman. The first prototype of the plane, with a factory designation KhAI-5, flew in June 1936. Despite a lower performance, the aircraft won a contest against another reconnaissance plane design, the Kotcherigin R-9, and was accepted for a production with the military designation R-10. The aircraft entered service in the Soviet Air Force in 1937, replacing some Polikarpov R-5s. R-10s were first used in combat in the Soviet-Japanese Battle of Khalkhin Gol in 1939. Then, they were used in the initial stage of the World War II, starting with use against Poland in the Invasion of Poland (without combat encounters) and against Finland in the Winter War (1939–1940). R-10s were next used in the first period of the German-Soviet war, following the German attack on June 22, 1941. By this time, they were outdated and suffered heavy losses. Profile: World War 2 Drawings Info: Wikipedia

Nyeman KhAI-5
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