Oktyabr'skaya Revolyutsiya

Shown here is Oktyabr'skaya Revolyutsiya (ex-Gangut) in wartime form, tied up to a mooring buoy, at Kronshtadt, date unknown. She mounted perhaps the most powerful AA outfit of any ship in the Soviet fleet: twelve 76mm/55 34-K guns, twenty 37mm/67.5 70-K guns, and eight 12.7mm79 DshK heavy MGs. The nearby naval design bureaux, located nearby, took advantage of her as a platform for experimental mounts like the quadruple 37mm 46-K mount on the bow and two twin 76mm 81-K open mounts on the stern - mounts fated never to serve aboard the intended Sovyetskiy Soyuz class

Oktyabr'skaya Revolyutsiya
Bigbird, Oct 18, 2008
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