Cutaway Beriev Be-200 , the modern twin-engine seaplane jet of the Russian company, has the right size for the tasks entrusted to it, including the fight against forest fires and also designed for the transport of passengers and cargo, descendant of A much larger Beriev Be-40 Albatros, a multi-purpose seaplane for its enormous dimensions to impractical, is there to decide to build this version that applies the same concepts in a cell much smaller, making it an alternative to many forest services for adventure travel and the ability to splash down in places, taken from the author's web unreadable Russian: Infographics design Be-200 aircraft rescue option: 1. MN radar radome. 2. MN radar antenna. 3. Blocks radar. 4. Nasal spray deflector. 5. Front side splash guard. 6. The windshield of the cockpit. 7. Canopy leaf sliding windows. 8. Cockpit. 9. Dashboard. 10. Pilots sillón.11. Manage the control of the aircraft. 12. Engine control levers. 13. Habitation Module. 14. Kitchen. 15. Door to the cabin. 16. REO units. 17. Antenna. 18. Cargo door. 19. Cylinder charging elevator door. 20. Operation hatch. 21.Pasajeros door. 22. Board ramp. 23. Cargo cab. 24. Escape hatch. 25. Portholes. 26. Rescate.27 boats. Nose landing gear. 28. Leaf Nicho nose landing gear. 29. Watertight compartments. 30. Front tank water group. 31. Flap hatches landfill. 32. The drain pipe. 33. Splash Guard Board. 34. Bucky extintores.35 chemicals. Lifeguard chair. 36. Cylinders fire system. 37. Septum. 38. The auxiliary power unit. 39. Center section. 40. Power coupling rib. 41. Detachable part of the wing. 42. Slat. 43. Brake speed. 44. Flap. 45. Aileron.46. Float. 47. Pilon float. 48. Wingtip. 49. Bano. 50. Stekateli static electricity. 51. Main landing gear. 52.Cilindro cleaning the main landing gear. 53. Flap landfill hatches in Group 2. 54. Hidrodinámica.55 compensator. Fuel tank drawer. 56. The elements of the fuel system. 57. D-436TP turbofan. 58. Motor housing units. 59. Installing the engine tower. 60. Hatch. 61. Retractable emergency generator chickenpox. 62. Forkil. 63. Keel.64. Timon. 65. The steering gear. 66. Faro lighting. 67. Antenna. 68. Rotation of light. 69. Side light. 70. Horizontal tail. 71. Elevator. 72. Tail fairing. 73. A water wheel. 74. Technical tail compartment. 75. Spoiler. Exitos

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