Praga E-39

The Praga E-39/BH-39 was a Czechoslovakian trainer aircraft. Following the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939, the northern area of that country was divided politically into the separate state of Slovakia. Under a puppet German government it became a German ally and its small air force was placed under Luftwaffe control. Ten of the Praga E-39s were given to the Slovakian Air Force who initially used them as trainers but during the German invasion of the Soviet Union, transferred several of them to the Soviet front where they were employed by the Slovaks as reconnaissance platforms in support of German ground forces. Other E-39s were used by the Luftwaffe in their flight training schools as elementary trainers and still others were given to the Hungarian Air Force for use in that same role. Info: Wikipedia Profile: Wings Palette

Praga E-39
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