Cutaway Rockwell International XFV-12A , the draft VSTOL fighter for the U.S. Navy, in this case shows the schematic section of the development version that used the curious nose section of a McDonnell Douglas Skyhawk A4F which joined a new fuselage that housed a huge turbofan engine Pratt & Whitney F401-PW-400, which had a nozzle equipped with a series of cones permitting close part of the exhaust gases and through ducts refer to slots in planes forced the surrounding air flow speed and increase the volume about 10 times generating a huge lift, better known in English as' Thrust Augmented VSTOL "this system is extremely complex and even revealed was successfully tested in a prototype captive flights conducted in 1978, the constant delays and escalating development costs led to the cancellation of this game, but when there were plans to build the new AV-8B Harrier, a derivative of British VTOL fighter but with a new composite wing, a more powerful engine and greater overall capabilities in the transport of arms, with a latest generation avionics but something that if XFV-12 would exceed the Harrier serious full speed as it was designed to be a supersonic fighter, something that we see in the ramps of their air intakes (similar to those of F-4 Phantom) for better management of shock waves in supersonic flight, in their weapons in this picture is shown with AIM-7 Sparrow radar when lacking in this cutting and AIM-9 Sidewinder infra-red guide launchers in the tip of the main planes, had canard planes containing the previously described air purge system and which, in turn allowed not install any point under the same drive for auxiliary tanks or weapons, an interesting fact is seen as taking many other fighters and remnants of designing only what is strictly necessary to build this prototype achievement took many years to be available for flight testing, yet the year 1980 relaunch kept hope in this game and updated to its final form, which did not happen and I am more of a curiosity like so many cases in the long history aviation, this court will locate thanks to the good offices of a friend twest a forum brother, who was kind enough to remove it from the newspaper library staff, scanning and sharing, author John Weal better known as WEAL, issue of "Air Enthusiast" February 1974 and published in the forum The friend Crane extensive development work on this game in several themes, especially "jet fighters forgotten or little known", "S / VTOL western route to Harrier" and appeared in "Club Fighter of Post-War Without Club '

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