Tornado GR-4

Specifications (Tornado GR4)Data from International Warbirds: An Illustrated Guide to World Military Aircraft, 1914–2000,[35] Tornado, Modern Fighting Aircraft[82] General characteristics Crew: 2 Length: 16.72 m (54 ft 10 in) Wingspan: 13.91 m at 25° wing sweep, 8.60 m at 67° wing sweep (45.6 ft / 28.2 ft) Height: 5.95 m (19.5 ft) Wing area: 26.6 m² (286 ft²) Empty weight: 13,890 kg (31,620 lb) Max takeoff weight: 28,000 kg (61,700 lb) Powerplant: 2 × Turbo-Union RB199-34R Mk 103 afterburning turbofans Dry thrust: 43.8 kN (9,850 lbf) each Thrust with afterburner: 76.8 kN (17,270 lbf) each Performance Maximum speed: Mach 2.2 (2,400 km/h, 1,490 mph) at 9,000 m / 30,000 ft altitude; 800 knots, 1,482 km/h, 921 mph indicated airspeed near sea level Range: 1,390 km (870 mi) typical combat Ferry range: 3,890 km (2,417 mi) with four external drop tanks Service ceiling: 15,240 m (50,000 ft) Rate of climb: 76.7 m/s (15,100 ft/min) Thrust/weight: 0.55 Armament Guns: 2× 27 mm (1.063 in) Mauser BK-27 revolver cannon internally mounted under both side of fuselage, each with 180 rounds (Panavia Tornado ADV has 1× BK-27) Hardpoints: 4× light duty + 3× heavy duty under-fuselage and 4× swivelling under-wing pylon stations holding up to 9000 kg (19,800 lb) of payload, the two inner wing pylons have shoulder launch rails for 2× Short-Range AAM (SRAAM) each Missiles: Air-to-air missiles: AIM-9 Sidewinder or IRIS-T or AIM-132 ASRAAM for self-defence Air-to-surface missiles: 6× AGM-65 Maverick; or 12× Brimstone missile (12 being the maximum operational limit carried by RAF's Tornado GR4); or 2× Storm Shadow or Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missile Anti-ship missiles: 2× AS.34 Kormoran; or 2× BAe Sea Eagle; or Anti-radiation missiles: 4× AGM-88 HARM; or 9× ALARM missile Bombs: 5× 500lb Paveway™ IV; or 3× 1000lb (UK Mk20) Paveway™ II/Enhanced Paveway™ II; or 2× 2000lb Paveway™ III (GBU-24)/Enhanced Paveway™ III (EGBU-24); or Hunting Engineering BL755 cluster bombs; or HOPE/HOSBO GPS/electro-optically guided glide bombs; or Joint Direct Attack Munition; or Up to 2× JP233 or MW-1 munitions dispensers (for runway cratering operations) Up to 4× B61 or WE.177 tactical nuclear weapons Others: Up to 4× drop tanks for ferry flight/extended range/loitering time Avionics RAPTOR aerial reconnaissance pod RAFAEL LITENING targeting pod; or TIALD laser designator pod BAE Systems Sky Shadow electronic countermeasure pod

Tornado GR-4
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