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  • Just wondering what happened to my 'alerts'? Nothing appears when I 'show all'. Was there a purge?
    You haven't been here for long. I would suggest updating all of your soft there, including the net browser etc ...
    I received the 'change password' message. That I did. Where did the 1956 password compromise number come from? Now that has me worried!
    I have a new email address that I sent in several weeks ago and still have not received the forum by email.
    Help !
    It looks like you didn't hit the Save button for chagings to your account. What is more you have disabled sending emails in your preferences. Please, let me know if your new email works.
    Hi Admin. Joined up a few days back and checking out the site now looking for the right place or Section to show the work I have done as it is still in progress. I see group builds official / Unofficial ? Modelling section but most there are related to scale models where would be best place to show how a hand carved plane from a huge lump of olive wood with no plans or scales to work with, all done by eye.
    Good morning,
    I am trying to get in touch with Mr. M. Williams to request permission to use some of his graphs. Can you please put us in contact?
    Hi I am writing a Gas Manual and would like to include an image of the SS White Mantle that's supplied coal the Gas Light and Coal Company. My Grand Father was killed on board and would dearly like permission to us the image. Who would I have need to ask ?
    I am having trouble getting started...I typed my title but is there a message section to type in or do I just keep typing the message part after the title? If I press enter after typing the title, looking for a message section, I get an error message. Thank you for your help.
    Hi, I am producing a documentary for the National Park Service about WWII. I found the "Briefing room for B-17 pilots" image via Google, which led to the Warbirds forum. It is exactly what I need, so I joined specifically to see if I could obtain a high-resolution version, and permission to use it in the film.
    Thank you very much,
    V. Veerkamp
    sent by blobs (bob)
    I would like to let you know that a problem that I had with deleting pictures in my home folder
    and reported to you has now been resolved. I must apologise for pestering you and not more throughly
    checking the full implementation of the board and the understanding of it.
    I am entirely at fault and should not have pestered you.
    thanks again.
    I signed up here
    and sent a message to someone whose also with this site but im not sure on retreving it or where do I go to
    get some basic info on doing things. So far its been Poke Stoke and Hope!
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