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  • Dear Civettone, Your post about the LW's structural problems fits what I have read.

    Large numbers of aircraft do not matter if you do not train your pilots properly. That was the real problem with the Luftwaffe.
    Second problem was a lack of spare parts (from April 1944, this problem is substituted for lack of fuel)
    Third problem was the limited aircraft production (but only up to 1943)
    Fourth problem was Goering. Other LW leaders were okay, especially Milch.

    But I'm interested in your "poor training" comment. Can you suggest any references on that subject? I found a few, which I used for a paper I wrote recently. But overall, I didn't have as much information as I would like about their training.

    You can contact me at [email protected] for a faster response.
    Thanks for any suggestions!
    Roger Bohn
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