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  • No problem! My class won 2 tickets for each student through the coaches challenge with Coach Kruger and Get Healthy Clark County. I had 64 tickets and about 6 kids that couldn't go so I was trying to figure out who I knew that I cold give some to.

    I ended up giving some extras to a few students, some teachers, and then gave away the last 4 to people who were in line at the T&M to buy.

    Have a good vacation!
    Hey- I have 2 extra tickets to tonights Rebel game. they are in section 237- upper deck close to the middle of the oval.

    They are through Tickets for Teachers. I had the 2, then my class won tickets.

    Game starts at 7. Ya want them?????????

    PM me if you do.
    I'm in the northwest off Durango and I-95. The next exit after me is Mt. Charleston, Where are you?
    not really haha... the nuclear testing museum may be worth a visit though on second thought
    Hi there,
    I just noticed that you are in Las Vegas, I'm up there next week. Are there any museums/etc that are worth seeing nearby?


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