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Jul 15, 2017
    1. Paris
      Hi Graeme,

      I was hoping to inquire about a source for some of the information in your post on the World War One Thorneycroft Seaplane lighter. (

      I was interested in where you got the information for the man whom spun the propeller prior to the camel launch being awarded and AFM, as I have not been able to source it anywhere.

      I have checked the London Gazette for Culleys DSO, but it does not give the details of what the AFM's were awarded for. So I would be particularly interested if you had a name/ date of award / ref etc.

      I also thought it worth to mention, Culleys Camel is stored in London, in the Imperial War Museum.

      Also, I have been researching these vessels for a while, so if you are interested in any further information on them, or the surviving examples, let me know and I can provide all sorts.

      Many thanks,

    2. Maury Markowitz
      Maury Markowitz
      Hi! A while back you posted an image of the Course Setting Bomb Sight from a manual that your father had. Can you be more specific about the source? I'd love to use it as a reference on the Wikipedia.
    3. Manu Rere
      Manu Rere
      Hi Graeme.
      I'm new to this site: I saw your post on the Hiryu Ki-167 and wanted to ask you where you got your information?
      I recently visited Japan: I'm writing a book about my father and his time in the British Pacific Fleet, 1944-45. His carrier HMS Illustrious was attacked by kamikaze from Taiwan on April 6th 1945: three D4-Y3 Suisei. I have a picture of the near miss.
      I went to Kyushu in April and May and met two surviving brothers of the six aircrew who died that day. I visited Tachiarai Peace Museum and saw a video of a surviving kamikaze who went on a mission to Okinawa in one of these bombers, and returned, due to thick cloud cover.
      I'd love to go back and meet him: he lives near Osaka. Anyway, any additional sources of information would be a great help. Many thanks for your post.
      Best wishes. Jeffrey.
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