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Oct 1, 2011
    1. Paul1978
      Hi there mate.

      I came across your thread about masking canopies. I've made some planes and there's a method i use which works pretty well. I tried the method where i'd mask the canopy and use my knife but the plastic often got scratched.

      My method, well, i saw it on the net (can't remember where), cut out pieces of masking tape prior to attaching them to the canopy. Don't worry about not getting the tape into the corner or around any curves of the canopy. Then use the small bottle of Vallejo masking gel. Try not to squeeze too much onto the canopy because it can run initially. Put a bit on the masking tape and using a tooth pic guide the gel into corners and around curves. You can get surprisingly straight lines with method. Be quick in positioning the gel - it dries quickly. Vallejo masking gel is great but only on canopies. Trying to mask camo patterns will end in disaster with this.

      Hope that helps mate.

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