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  • hey man!
    I have been looking for a song, "100 Missions i my self have flown. But I can't find the full version, I saw that you post about it a long time ago and hoped that you were able to find it.
    if you could send me a link I would thank you a lot.


    Please among your day by day history of airwar of Western Europe (the tip of the iceberg … I understand all the work it gave you … impressive …) your refered about "Three German bombers were destroyed at Chateauroux airfield." on 5 July 1944.

    Please do you have other details about these a/c ?

    Thank you


    Hey mate, I want to thank you for your "Top 40 Songs" topic. It's a really cool topic, and gives me a better understanding about when everything changed and went into drama (1979 - 1988) in my country, Iran, what was happening in the rest of world!

    Again thank you and best wishes for you.
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