1. GregP

    Bf 109 Floatplane

    Here is an interesting shot: If I saw shot this before, I suppose I didn't take notice of it. I knew they made the Bf 109T for the never-finished aircraft carrier, but was not really aware of a Bf 109 floatplane or where it might be used or why. Maybe they couldn't resist the beaches...
  2. W

    BF 109 G-6/N

    I am searching documents, plans, about Bf 109 G-6/N speacially G-6/AS Thanks for your help
  3. tomo pauk

    Fw 190: the good, the bad and the ugly

    The formidable fighter should have it's own thread, rather to share it with a Me 209 ;) The G.55 and Re.2005 offered more 'stretch' than Bf 109, I will agree with that. Unfortunately, without late DB 605 versions (or Jumo 213 or DB 603), they will not be able to compete vs. the best the West...
  4. tomo pauk

    Me 209 - any worth in it?

    I'm trying to acquire some good data on the Me 209, the fighter prototype with roots in the Bf 109. For the starters - the data in Wikipedia varies depending what language one reads ;)
  5. A

    Me-262 Shot Down by U.S. Fighter

    Rare footage of a Messerschmitt Me 262 being shot down by a U.S. Fighter, possibly a Mustang? At the end the U.S. Fighter also shoots down a Ta 152 or Me 109? View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gZV_Of_-zk
  6. S

    The Pilot Factor

    Time and time again we see this most important single factor in the performance of any aircraft ignored in discussions. Everyone knows that a Spitfire I can out turn a Bf 109 E and that the Messerschmitt pilot would be ill advised to fight in the horizontal, right? Well, for the two...
  7. destrozas

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Bf-109F-4 - Winter War / Eastern Front WWII

    User Name: destrozas Name: sergio Category: intermediate Kit: messerschmitt bf 109 f-4 hasegawa #09011 also listed as J11 Scale: 1/48 aftermarket addons: none. the me 109 f-4 Obfw. Eberhard von Boremski, pilot of the 9 / JG 3, May 1942, It is the plane that He became a Luftwaffe ace...
  8. W

    Effect of the debugged in tim for the BoB?

    What would the effect of having a reliable Hispano 20mm cannon with belt fed ammo in Spitfires and Hurricanes in time for the BoB? The Spitfire's performance my be degraded against the Bf 109, but would that be outweighed by the damage the 20mm could do on the bombers?
  9. jester_587

    BF109 G performance help

    Hello, I am trying to find some documentation on the 109 G. More specifically flight characteristics for speeds, diving, climbing and especially turning! I can get all kinds of people "WORD" on the matter but no actual documentation. Any kind of performance charts that I can get my hands...
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  15. Warbirds


    "Battle attack" by David Pritchard
  16. Warbirds


    "Hammer blow" by David Pritchard
  17. WW2 in Norway

    WW2 in Norway

    109 G2 in norway in rare wintercammo
  18. Me 109G-6  - double Luftwaffe ace autographs

    Me 109G-6 - double Luftwaffe ace autographs

    New release