1. Dimlee

    In the meantime, on Senate Square and on Town Hall Square

    The Gulf of Finland is roughly 50 km to 120 km wide. Antishipping capabilities of two good neighbours: 🇪🇪Blue Spear - 290 km, 🇫🇮MTO 85M - over 100 km. Just saying. Google Translate...
  2. v2

    Baltic Air Policing

  3. O

    What was the british bomber lost april/may 1943 Baltic Sea?

    What was the british bomber lost in end of april/ beginning of may 1943 off Leba, Pommern, Baltic Sea? The plane was involved in mining operation on Baltic Sea.After shut down by Germans, they try to salvage the bomber, but one of the the mine that was still inside the plane exploded and sank...
  4. v2

    German Typhoons have intercepted 7 Russian Air Force combat planes over the Baltic

    NATO Baltic Air Policing mission is quite busy these days…: