1. Aviation History: The Vickers Vimy

    Aviation History: The Vickers Vimy

    Designed towards the end of the First World War, the Vickers Vimy would come too late for service during World War One, but became a staple of the RAF bomber group throughout the 1920s before making a name for itself flying numerous long distance air records. The Vimy was indeed an impressive...
  2. CatTheCool

    Best Biplane fighter ww2

    I say the AVIA B-534.
  3. tigerphoenixsing

    Need help to identify Soviet biplane

    Hello folks, I have found the linked image of a Soviet biplane on skis, in winter camo, probably during WWII (or perhaps the Winter War?). I would like to model this as a diorama using a BZ35 Fuel Bowser. From this angle I find it hard to identify the type of aircraft. If anyone can help with...
  4. Snautzer01

    Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver airplane biplane

  5. Hawker Demon

    Hawker Demon