1. MiTasol

    American Instrument Documents

    I am scanning some of my American instrument manuals and will post here. The first few are scanned from RAAF publication 413 and were printed on narrower paper than the US documents so were scaled down to fit. I have pdf'd them the size they are in RAAF 413. These are all compass documents...
  2. P

    RAAF O2A Compass Help

    Hi Guys I recently acquired this ww2 RAAF O2A compass, used on most aircraft with Navs or Observers, but it seams to be mounted in a homemade casing maybe for display. When I pulled it out it became apparent that it was missing more than just the Azimuth. What exactly am I missing? Is it just...
  3. Snautzer01

    Ju88A-4 Kompensierstand (compass stand)

    Would make a nice model. Notice field telefoon in foreground.
  4. D

    To restore something on vintage military equipment, or leave as is?

    Hi, I would really like some opinions by collectors or sellers of rare items on the forum. I'm trying to figure out if collectors prefer items to be restored, or to be left as is. The glass of a vector bombsight compass I have is badly cracked, obscuring the needle and direction marks...
  5. D

    Japanese Bomber Aircraft- Bomb Targeting Compass Site Instrument Information Request

    Hello, I was hoping that someone on this site might be able to help me better identify a Japanese aircraft compass instrument I have. All of the identification and information located on the case, and the instrument, are in Japanese, so I had someone do some rough translation. The label...