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  1. German WWII Archive

    Can anyone help me identifying this B-17? (Markings on Rudder: A - 239822- O)

    Hey everyone, I need some help with identifying a certain B-17 Bomber. These pictures are from a German propaganda newsreel, No. 698 from January 20th, 1944. According to the voice-over, this bomber was shot down on January 15th, 1944, but seeing this is a Propaganda newsreel, this is not...
  2. P

    Halifax III Mid Upper Gunner or Rear Gunner position.

    Hello all, I am working on the investigation of a Halifax III that crashed in Wevelgem on 9 May 1944 (LW583 the QO-L of the 432 Sqdr) where I want to find out who was in the rear gunner seat. In the ORB I found the names Sgt. K.L. McCartney & Sgt. W.L. Cantlon. The role of the airman is marked...
  3. M

    Parts of a B-24

    Hello, I had visited a B-24 crash site in the Austrian Alps. I found some parts and would like to ask if anyone knows anything about the part. Where are they used and what is their function? Thanks, Max
  4. A

    Can anyone help identify this part from a crashed ww2 plane in Belgium?

    Hello everyone, I'm an archaeologist in Belgium and on the site of a former ww2 airfield in Maldegem, Belgium we have discovered several airplane-parts. The part on the pictures has text on it, so I think it should be identifiable. Some extra info about the airfield: it was constructed by the...
  5. F

    Crash speed

    Hi everybody, I’m excited to be a part of this forum. This is actually my first post 🤩! I’ve got a question! Does anybody know at what speed a WW2-fighterplane is going down, after it was hit? And how long (minutes/seconds) would it take till it reached the ground and crashed?
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    Indentification of aircraft part found on Norfolk beach (UK).

    I have been beach combing on this beach before and I have often found pieces of aircraft. These unfortunately have not been very significant but what intrigues me is the shape of the corrugation, I have not seen this shape before. I am 99.9% sure this is a piece of a WW2 aircraft but is it...