1. Snautzer01

    eBay: heavy Iron (Tanks Guns Ships Trains)

    Foto, Panzer IV Turmnummer: II01 wird verladen, Hafen Neapel, Italien, f | eBay
  2. J

    In search of mysterious F4U document

    On most of the F4U-1 documents that show any sort of power ratings ie. Engine power always refer to a "see paragraph 503a" also a paragraph 551b for propeller specs. The document is SD-261-1D-1B Report No. 6756 for one of the examples. Where would I be able to get this mysterious documents...
  3. L

    Compressabilty correction for AAF P-51 tests.

    So perusing AAF documents on ww2aircraft I cannot find any mention of correcting for compress-ability in any of the documents for the AAF on the P-51. I am curious if anyone has any P-51D testing that indicates compressability was corrected, or if anyone knows whether or not it...