1. J

    I need information about the 1945 april 10 'the jet massacre'

    I'd like to know about this day's dogfights that at least 29 Me262s, or more than 30 Me262s, were shot down and Luftwaffe abandoned Berlin defense after this battle. I would appreciate it if you could provide any information, such as which FG participated in the battle against JG 7 and other...
  2. S

    Air battles over Malta 1942

    Hello! I recently finished building model kits of Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb and Messerschmitt Bf 109-E both of which had roles in dogfights over Malta. I was wondering if anyone knows any more planes that had parts in this battle ( between June 1940 and November 1942). I tried to find more...
  3. comstockkidd

    Rogue P-47 Pilot dogfighting in S. America?

    I was sitting around thinking of a story I read in an Aviation History or Air Classics magazine a few years ago about an American pilot in a P-47 in some Central or S. American country getting in a dogfight in that or a neighboring country. I can't seem to find the article and was wondering if...