I need information about the 1945 april 10 'the jet massacre'

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Sep 20, 2022

I'd like to know about this day's dogfights that at least 29 Me262s, or more than 30 Me262s, were shot down and Luftwaffe abandoned Berlin defense after this battle.
I would appreciate it if you could provide any information, such as which FG participated in the battle against JG 7 and other Luftwaffe groups or which ace claimed victory or killed.
All Me 262 kills on that day are likely to have been by P-51's, so it seems best to search for P-51 activity on 10 april 1945.

The 12oclockhigh forum has a topic on P-51 losses on that day by Me 262's so that gives you some P-51 sqn and group numbers:
P-51 losses on 10 April 1945 - Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum

In the book 'Allied Jet Killers of World War 2' there is some text about 10 april 1945:
"On the afternoon of 10 April the Allies launched 1232 bombers covered by more than 900 fighters.
The targets were airfields, transportation hubs and military infrastructure centres in Oranienburg,
Rechlin, Neuruppin, Stendal, Brandenburg-Briest, Zerbst, Burg, Parchim and Wittenberge. A number
of German fighters were scrambled in response to this armada, with JG 7 sending 55 Me 262s aloft –
many of which were armed with 24 R4M rockets apiece – from all three Gruppen.
One flight of seven Me 262s, led by high-scoring ace Oberleutnant Walter Schuck of 3./JG 7, was
patrolling at 24,000 ft when they were directed towards Oranienburg, where a formation of B-17s
was approaching from the northwest. As they made their way towards Oranienburg, the jets climbed
to 30,000 ft. At 1430 hrs Schuck and his flight bounced the Flying Fortresses just as they dropped
their bombs on Oranienburg, the German ace closing to within 300 yards of his first victim before
opening fire with his four 30 mm cannon. One of the B-17's wings disintegrated under the weight of
the fire. Schuck then pulled up and went after another bomber, hitting it hard and sending it down in a
spin. Several crew members bailed out. In rapid succession Schuck shot down two more B-17s,
taking his tally to 206 victories. The veteran ace had taken just eight minutes to destroy four Flying
Fortresses. Moments later Schuck was himself shot down, almost certainly by Capt Joseph
A Peterburs of the 55th FS/20th FG, who subsequently fell victim to flak while strafing an airfield
minutes after he had despatched Schuck's jet. Both pilots survived the war and would meet decades
A total of six Me 262s were claimed as destroyed by the 20th FG, which emerged as the highest
scoring group in terms of jet kills on 10 April. Both the 352nd and 353rd FGs claimed three apiece,
with two of the pilots from the latter group achieving ace status with their respective Me 262
victories. The first to claim his fifth kill was Capt Gordon B Compton from the 351st FS, who, that
day, was leading 'Lawyer Red' Flight on an escort mission to Zerbst airfield in northern Germany
when he heard a report of jet activity over Dessau five miles to the south. Turning his flight in that
direction, Compton flew several orbits over the city from 1400 hrs until he spotted an Me 262 on the
deck heading east;
'I started a dive from about 10,000 ft and pulled up along the left side of the Me 262, which was
turning left now, to make sure it wasn't a P-51. I then tacked onto its tail and shot it up a bit. The jet
caught fire and crashed on the edge of Köthen airdrome.'
Compton's wingman, 2Lt James L McDermott, confirmed the victory and actually saw the jet hit a
telephone pole before it crashed. This kill took Compton's final tally of aerial victories to 5.5, and
doubled his haul of Me 262s – he had claimed his first on 22 February. He was also credited with 15
strafing kills, and had scored his early victories in the P-47.
The second pilot to 'make ace' that day was Capt Robert W Abernathy of the 350th FS, who had
claimed a single kill with the Thunderbolt before his squadron switched to P-51s. The Me 262 was
his fifth, and last, victory. Non-aces from the 4th, 55th, 56th, 356th, 359th and 364th FGs were also
credited with Me 262 kills on 10 April, with no fewer than 27 fighter pilots from nine Eighth Air
Force fighter groups downing 21 Messerschmitt jets in aerial combat. This tally made it the deadliest
day of aerial combat for the Me 262. However, this score had come at a price, for the Me 262 force –
which launched 76 sorties – had claimed 27 aerial victories, including eight P-51s
No further Me 262s were shot down until 14 April, when ......................."
I have a list of all credited Me 262 kills.

On 10 Apr 45, we shot down a total of 19 Me 262s, shared among 24 pilots from 10 different fighter groups and 13 different fighter squadrons. All were shot down by P-51s. Not too sure about the claims. These are credited victories.

The total list amounts to 140 shot down shared among 157 pilots.

I attached the file below.


  • Me 262 Kills by USAAF.xlsx
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Me 262로 기록된 모든 킬 목록이 있습니다.

4월 45일 4월 10일, 우리는 10개의 다른 전투기 그룹과 13개의 다른 전투기 비행대에서 온 24명의 조종사가 공유하는 총 19대의 Me 262를 격추했습니다. 모두 P-51에 의해 격추되었습니다. 주장에 대해 너무 확신하지 못합니다. 이들은 승리로 인정됩니다.

총 목록은 157명의 조종사가 공유하는 140개의 격추에 해당합니다.

아래 파일을 첨부했습니다.
Thank you for your detailed reply. Greg. I'm also enjoying your YouTube channel!
Is it true that after this battle Luftwaffe abandoned its Berlin defense?
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Thank you for your detailed reply. Greg. I'm also enjoying your YouTube channel!
Is it true that after this battle Luftwaffe abandoned its Berlin defense?

You are welcome, but that's not my Youtube channel. It's another Greg who is pretty good, but does not always get it nearly right. Still, it's a decent effort on his part, and at least entertaining.
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