1. MiTasol

    American Instrument Documents

    I am scanning some of my American instrument manuals and will post here. The first few are scanned from RAAF publication 413 and were printed on narrower paper than the US documents so were scaled down to fit. I have pdf'd them the size they are in RAAF 413. These are all compass documents...
  2. E

    US AAF propaganda film - The Fight for the Sky

    A propaganda film from the US AAF about the aerial war over western Europe. Plenty of combat footage, both air to air and ground strafing. Interestingly, mix some captured german footage of alarmstart and bomber a attacks. Some of the combat footage are pretty close strikes...
  3. J

    I need information about the 1945 april 10 'the jet massacre'

    I'd like to know about this day's dogfights that at least 29 Me262s, or more than 30 Me262s, were shot down and Luftwaffe abandoned Berlin defense after this battle. I would appreciate it if you could provide any information, such as which FG participated in the battle against JG 7 and other...
  4. arborvitae

    2Lt John Edmund Russell RCAF RAF USAAF b. 1.30.1920 NY USA d. 11.10.1943 Brome Suffolk England

    Edited October 5, 2022: Sorry this is so long but I hope somebody will reply with some interest. When I have time I will try to be more precise. New information in the last few days has made me edit some of this below. —— Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’ve been researching on and off John...


  6. Baball

    USAAF Air Route Manual of South America

    "Air Route Manual - US Army Air Forces - South America - North and East Coast", dated 1943. Found on Issuu.
  7. Baball

    De Havilland F-8 Mosquito Manual

    "Flight Operating Instructions for Army Model F-8 Airplane", dated June 1944. Found on Aviation Archives.
  8. W

    F4F Wildcat

    Hi everybody I'm new to this forum, and this is on of my first posts. I hope somebody can help me with some questions I have. I'm not familiar at alle with the Wildcat, USN and USAAF in general, that's why I'm reaching out to you guys. - Regarding the F4F Wildcat, what were it’s primary...
  9. W

    Grumman F4F Wildcat Communication System

    Hi everybody I'm new to this forum, and this is my first post. I hope somebody can help me with some questions I have. I'm not familiar at alle with the Wildcat, USN and USAAF in general, that's why I'm reaching out to you guys. - What kind of Radio equipment did the Grumman F4F Wildcat have...
  10. Vahe Demirjian

    "USAAF Fighters of WW2 in Action" by Michael O'Leary

    There's a 3-volume book set by Michael O'Leary titled "USAAF Fighters of World War Two in Action" (published 1986). You can find it at these links:
  11. ODonovan

    Operation Clarion - New Zenos' Warbirds Video

    I think we may have someone on the forums here who participated in this. Hey Bill ( @billrunnels ), were you in on this one? -Irish
  12. W

    USAAF Dump Site Finds

    Hello Folks I am just wondering if some of you could help me identify a number of items I have recovered from a USAAF dump site here in the U.K. please. Here are some of the part numbers and stamps; 78242-R or possibly A at the end, stainless steel, inspection stamp to the left looks to...
  13. v2

    Shot Down over Auschwitz

    Not many Americans know the USAAF flew over Auschwitz in WWII. The camp was not bombed, but the IG Farben factory nearby. On the 9/13/44 mission 2 B-24s were shot down, and we will take you to both crash sites and related memorials... Shot Down over Auschwitz - The "Hell's Angels" Aircrew Are...
  14. MiTasol

    US Aerial Photographic Equipment Stock List

    Attached is a copy of USAAF Aerial Photographic Equipment Stock List dated 1942-06-20. I am not sure if it will be of use to anyone but I found it interesting. It lists a lot of weird stuff I never knew of like which aircraft have United Shoe Machinery gun turrets (certain B17's), or...
  15. D

    USAAF squadron/group orgsanisation 1943-45

    Does anyone have good source where I can read about the standard/theoretical organization of USAAF air units from 43-45? I have only found this: USAAF - Organization and Equipment - Tactical Organization | but that's with an unknown number of reserve aircraft and not broken-down into squadrons...
  16. F-104nut

    1/32 Tamiya Spitfire MK VIII USAAF

    While painting the big 1/32 Mosquito time to start on another awesome 1/32 tamiya kit the awesome Spitfire MK VIII. I will be finished in markings of the USAAF . Cheers Brian
  17. P


    Follow through the link below, a full report and photos, including a rare photo of an airplane with USAAF markings, about this version of the famous jet fighter of the Luftwaffe. Aviação em Floripa: Messerschmitt Me-262 A-2a Sturmvogel Best Regards.
  18. E

    WW2 Speed Measurement

    Hi guys, How did Second World War aircraft measure speed? I always assumed the Americans and British would use miles per hour and the Germans use kilometres per hour but I recently read something that suggested airspeed was measured in knots? I'm interested to know - specifically what...
  19. Njaco

    Assembly Aircraft of WWII

    In WWII, The 8th USAAF solved the problem of assembling multiple bomber groups for formation under radio silence by using war weary B-24s and sometimes B-17s either garishly painted, or lit as flying assembly points. The reason for the assembly ships was to give USAAF bombers a visual aid to...
  20. Elmas

    B 24 career after the end of WWII

    In wiki: “B-24 bombers were also extensively used in the Pacific area after the end of World War II to transport cargo and supplies during the rebuilding of Japan, China, and the Philippines.” I have no notice of B24 operations after the end of WWII, AFAIK. Certainly B24 was a difficult...