1. GrauGeist

    How far the USAAF came in 10 years...

    The progress of technology all in one picture! Seen here, is a B-17, a B-18, a B-29 and a B-36 at NAS Fort Worth in 1948
  2. Snautzer01

    USAAF Supermarine Spitfire

    part 1 WZ-W
  3. D

    The P-38J and L in the European theater.

    When the problems were finally fixed for the P-38, it was too late since the Mustang was already proving dominance. So my question is; how did/would the P-38J-25 and P-38L-5-LO preform against German fighters in the European theater if some of the USAAF still used the P-38 up until the end of...
  4. T

    Did the USAAF Design Standards kill the P51's Climb rate?

    Interesting reading North American's Lightweight Mustangs (P-51H/P-51M/P-51L) Sounds like Edgar Schmeud wasn't to happy with his P51's climb rate compared to the spitfire I know the P51B/C wasn't bad in that area, but the Heavy D model suffered. A shame because if this plane came...
  5. C

    Team wants to recover and restore a B-25 Mitchell

    I recently became aware of some guys in Michigan who are looking to recover and restore a B-25 Mitchell bomber that crash-landed into a Sandbar near Fairbanks, Alaska in 1969. It's a pretty interesting story, and they've started a Kickstarter campaign for funding, too. They are looking to...
  6. S

    1942: What if the American Hispano HS.404/M2 worked?

    So let's say the M2 is a success, and USN (who were already desiring 20mm cannons across the board) and USAAF decide to put it in widespread service. Would you focus on all-cannon armament or do what the Germans did and use mixed LMG/HMG/20mm setups? How would you implement 20mm armament on...
  7. B

    WW2 Aviation Collection - Aircraft Radio Pt1

    Hi all, Here are some of the more eclectic parts of my WW2 aircraft collection, will post transmitters and receivers in later posts. Would appreciate any views on the function of these parts, and look forward to any post of your collections Cheers, James
  8. B

    WW2 Aviation Collection - Aircraft Cameras Pt1

    Hi again all, Though I would share some of my WW2 airrcaft camera collection today, mainly air recon, gun camera and associated optics and timers. Would be keen to take comments or see other collectors pics. Cheers James
  9. B

    WW2 Aviation Collection - Gunsights Bombsights Pt2

    Hi all, a few more aircraft sights
  10. B

    WW2 Aviation Collection - Gunsights Bombsights Pt1

    Hi guys, I thought I might share some of my collection with you. I have been collection WW2 aviation components for ten years now, my focus was been gunsights, bombsights, compasses, navigation aids, binos, radios, Aircraft cameras and engine parts, panels and gauges. Look forward to hearing...
  11. hawkeye2an

    Impressed (Drafted) Aircraft USAAF

    I am fascinated with the fact that almost any airplane that could carry a few people or a few lbs of cargo was drafted by the U.S. military at the start of WW II. I have been collecting info on these airplanes for many years. It is a subject that is hardly referred to in books and magazines. I...
  12. hawkeye2an

    Recently returned to Hobby

    I too have recently returned to the hobby. For various reasons (frustrated with local club members' "know it all attitude" and little HELPFUL INFO, moving about the midwest, taking care of my wife's failing health etc, etc, ETC.) about 15 years ago I left, sold my kit collection down to about 20...