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Mar 18, 2009
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St Joseph, Missouri

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Active Member, from St Joseph, Missouri

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Dec 14, 2013
    1. berniceparks
      Hawkgd2an Are you the same that posted a message looking for a pic of your fathers B24D . I have one of Austins group in africa showing Southern Comfort 1. Please email let me at [email protected] and let me know.
    2. Night Fighter Nut
      Night Fighter Nut
      I have a couple of plans I found on the web but some are kind of hokey. Yours looked simple enough but was not sure how yours worked. Like how far away from the plastic sheet do you have the heating elements and so forth. Is there a set temperature you use? More pictures would be great and much appreciated. The simplest vacuform I've seen involved a wooden form, a large 2 ltr soda bottle, some extra wood for spacing and a hot air gun. Don't know if it would work with the plane you're doing but it was interesting for R/C canopies. thanks.

    3. Night Fighter Nut
      Night Fighter Nut
      Just came across your vacuform machine. I'll be in the process of making my own some time this winter. Do you have plans of some sort for the one you made? What kind of vacuum did you use and size of attachments etc... It looks brilliant from the pictures you posted. :)
    4. Night Fighter Nut
      Night Fighter Nut
      Thank you Andy... Much appreciated. :)
    5. Night Fighter Nut
      Night Fighter Nut
      Sure, that would be terrific thanks... Always looking for NF stuff.. :)
    6. Airframes
      Thanks mate, leave it with me and I'll sort something as soon as I get the 'Hotmail' working. They 'improved' the system a few days ago, and now I can't access messages, or send new ones !
    7. Wayne Little
      Wayne Little
      Thanks Andy, appreciate your wishes mate.
    8. Airframes
      Good stuff mate. Yes, just start a post in the GB Cold War section, under the new posts button, and include the details of name, kit etc, as shown in the rules and other posts.
    9. Airframes
      Sure is ! I found this site the day I got the Internet, and haven't known such a bunch of great people since my Army days, or had so much fun !
    10. Airframes
      Ah, do you mean the Wil....that thing?!
      It's just a bit of light-hearted fun, going back, I think, to the run up to the PTO Group Build, when Jan (Lucky) announced he was going to build one. I took the p*ss, saying it looked like a fat, ugly barrel, with stubby wings, with landing gear borrowed from a golf trolley, or something similar.
      It's been a standing, on-going joke ever since, especially as I posted a pic, taken deliberately by Karl (rochie), of me standing in front of a real one at Duxford last summer!
    11. HOUSTON
      hey how is it going ...
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    St Joseph, Missouri
    United States
    Scale model aircraft building
    Fan of U.S. Aircraft of World War Two. Particularly the "other" aircraft C,UC,PQ etc.


    14. Avoid that destructive disease known as "tinkeritis;" when the motor is working satisfactorily, leave it alone.
    From Curtiss JN-4 handbook