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  • Hi Wayne
    I think Terry got in touch with you about the mode l Oscar I want to build. Could you let me have your email address so that I can write to you properly
    Hello Wayne, saw your article of 2010on the 1/32 Ju 88 4D+MR would you happen to know if the rudder markings are(were?) available in 1/48 scale? my e-mail is: [email protected]
    Wayne, send me an e mail address that I can send.ypu a high resolution copy.of the CF-18 demo bird.
    Heya Wayne, what's the best method to ensure that struts and other hanging attachments line up evenly? I've always struggled with getting the legs to be the proper alignment to each other and overall for where they should be. Any input on the matter would help tons! Cheers
    And then the car rental found three little dings in the top of the boot, and bonnet! So we had to fill out a report on it for "evaluation", I think because we didn't get Their insurance, but we have some the the travel service!

    Now where is that "Member meets member" thread?
    Any problems with building the Revel 1/32 JU88 I've got the fuselage together doing a bit of filling and sanding. The insert over the radio bank sits high and I'm concerned about the impact on the canopy.
    Happy anniversary!! My birthday is on this same day too.. what a coincidence mate!
    Just ran across the thread about your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. Sounds like things are going on the up, good to hear.
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