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  • Hey Cory. Re your question on how I prepped the Alclad NMF for decals, the answer is........nothing. The decals are applied straight over the Alclad. After I applied them, though, they were quite glossy so I dulled down the decals with an acrylic flat coat. This I did with a fine nozzled airbrush without masking the decals. I found that applying the dull coat in very thin layers and being careful to stay just within the decal boundary really did not affect the NMF.

    Rather rough old boy! The arthritis has been 'playing up', and I got shingles six weeks ago, which has really drained me - very painful and very tiring. Hence not being on the forum much lately.
    Just hope it eases off for 'Flying legends' in 9 days time!

    Hi Corey,
    All I did was lay some stretched sprue into the gaps, with liquid cement (one side being wider than the other), and, when it had set, used a scalpel blade and/or a modelling chisel, to cut notches along the length, in order to continue the corrugations. It's by no means perfect, but fills the gaps and looks passable once painted - more so as the model will be glued to the diorama base, so the view into the wheel bays will be restricted.
    This could also be done with thin plastic card or, if you're not bothered about the corrugations, a bead of CA or even PVA.


    The thread colour doesn't matter really. Antenna wire was usually steel so gray would be correct but it stands out more. I like the antenna wire to be virtually invisible so I use clear. The transparency of the clear makes it look thinner and if I want to make it look like steel I can always paint it. However the reverse is not true. I can't make the gray look clear.
    No, I won't be building it yet, possibly a year or two before I do, maybe more. I just grabbed it cheap when at Duxford air show last month. Haven't done any modelling at all for about four months or more, mainly due to stiff hands, and other stuff getting in the way. Must get back to it, as I'm behind on a couple of important projects for a museum !
    Good to know. I've had an e-mail from Revell informing me the missing part for my B-24 is on the way.
    G'day mate!

    Sorry for the delay in answering!

    Not much news, still trying to make ends meet with the artwork and soldering jobs - keeping busy!

    How about yourself, studies going alright?

    Best of luck with the rest of your studies then, and hoping you can get into L-M! I don't know what the actual working conditions are like there (always an important factor in any work place) but the idea sounds great!

    As for the modelmaking, the results are what I need to work on (practice practice practice...).
    True I know different things on different subjects, but knowledge and travel have one thing in common - the more you know, the less you know! :)
    It is good to have ya back, but I can understand how college life occupies the time.
    I hardly ever make any models myself these days, but try to keep my hand in, time and commitments allowing. (Your result are much better than mine! :) )

    How long are you studying for still, hope ya can be around more often anyway.

    ...As for the mouse, you can't tell me he looks like that naturally after 60 years.. .more than a little plastic surgery in there I reckon :)
    Hey, no worries mate!
    Good to see you around again too, been a while!

    'Tank land' - sounds like an amusement park for army nuts, or those sick of Disneyland and Graceland! :)
    Sounds like the decals are actually cracking, unusual for Tamiya, especially as the kit can't be more than two years old (ish) if the recent issue.
    The milky white is probably the adhesive, so needs 'flushing out' with water. I presume you are applying to a gloss surface, so all I can suggest is lift the decals, clean out the residue, and re-apply with Micro Soll and let them settle.
    It could be, however, thet the 'Sol (more so if 'Set' used) has reacted with the clear coat, especially Future. This means you'll have to let the Future harden more, maybe another 2 days or so. Don't use Micro Set, just water, with a bit of Micro Sol. The 'Set' doesn't seem to like Future, which is why I stopped using it, and now only use 'Sol'.
    Hope this makes sense.
    G'day Corey, nice to hear from you.

    I'm very well thanks, had a quiet New Year and managed to get a load of modelling done on the Catalina. When I started this GB project I had no intention of going to such detail with the inner fuselage but on looking at it from varying angles through the ports, I thought it was rather stark and empty. The rest so to speak is history and it's giving me a whole lot of fun .

    Must say I like the look of your Lanc, wouldn't mind doing one myself one day, trouble is room to house such a big machine as my room and shelves are already full with made kits and what spare I have is earmarked for stash kits. Maybe one day.

    Am hoping to meet up with one of our local forum members next week. Bill (N4521U) is coming to the capital next week, so we are putting him and his good lady up for the night. It will be nice to chat models and know I'm not boring the pants of them.

    Cheers Vic
    It should be as shown on the Tamiya colour-printed profile, if it's still included. But I'll scan the one from my 1978 era kit and e-mail it. BTW, Port is the left side, when sitting in the aircraft facing forward, and Starboard is the right side. Saves a lot of confusion as to what is and isn't left and right!!
    Afraid I can't indicate it on your pics, as I'm having a problem with Photoshop and 'Paint' doing what I tell it too at the moment (!), but a quick look at the pattern will show what I mean. Just needs to be a bit wider, that's all.
    It's a small world isn't it!! was thinking about you today, in that I need to return to that note I was preparing for you, with all that has happened lately it sort of got put on the back burner....
    Sounds good, glad you're enjoying it ! I like the sound of that B29 - I very nearly got it some years back (under the Monogram label - same kit), but realised i had nowhere to put it when built. Was going to do it as a WB50 weather ship, operating out of the USAF base at Burtonwood in the 1950s.The base, now closed, is not far from where I live, and was the biggest in Europe. Was a Base Air depot during the war - bl**dy huge place !
    Look forward to seeing it built,
    What ho old boy ! How's things going in the old Colony? Hope you're enjoying college, and staying away from those finicky girlies !
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