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  • I'm still trying to find something decent to use your '24 in Mag - haven't done it yet! :)
    Do you mean the 'Crow's feet' patterns as they were called, on leading and trailing edges of the wings and empennage?
    If so, from what I've seen on, for example, earlier B17E's and F's, these were sprayed, with a soft edge, Medium Green over the Olive Drab. As I mentioned, I have little experinece of the P40 other than MTO RAF birds, and even then not much.
    Not sure what you mean by the 'splotch', but then, the P40 isn't my strong point, even in RAF markings.
    Thanks Corey, will get one of those once i start getting paid from my new job, might go for the Revell one for the decals though !!!
    Thanks Cory, I'm planning to start on the next Group Build but not sure what it is. I think its the Battle of Britain. Unfortunately I don't have a plane for that one. Currently working on an Italian night fighter, a Fiat Cr 42 CN. At least I finally have a rudamentory airbrush finally. :)
    This was the entrance hatch for the turret gunner. If the part is 'clear', then it'll just need the frame painting in the OD, maybe the stripes if they cover that area, leaving the window clear. If it's a 'solid' part, then the stripes would have been painted over it. Far as I know, it was all metal, so would be painted like the rest of the area.
    Thats a good question, Cory? I forwarded my judging review sometime ago....will have to see what is going on.
    Replied. Looks like when I logged out this morning, the forum didn't disconnect me! Just logged back on.
    Only the top and bottom seams show, at the front mainly. The top is a 'U' shape, with jacket underneath.
    To avoid possible damage to the model itself, it's best to not have any part of it overhanging the edges of the board. This will also facilitate the fitting of a glass, or Perspex case at some time, if required, and reccomended to prevent dust and further damage.
    To keep the overall size of the base in manageable proportions, this is why models are mounted across a diagonal (like my Lancaster for example), so place the model on some paper, at a diagonal, and draw a recantangle around it, enclosing the model, ensuring the wingtios, and any nose/tail protrusions are within the boundaries. This will give you the minimum dimensions for the base, and allow a scene to be constructed accordingly.
    The dispersal point on my Lanc base is the 'Loop' or 'specctacle' type, as used at Hethel, and represents part of one side of the loop, so might give you some ideas.
    Hope this helps.
    No worries man I enjoy watching your work!! And to top it off you're building a Liberator, way cool 8)

    Corey, this video explains very well the use of Future on clear parts:

    YouTube - Applying Future to Clear Plastic Parts
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