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  • Hi Andy. Re: Lambie II. Loved your build of Lambie II......long time ago !! Huge request coming up.....would it be possible to change your model to show D Day stripes as would have been worn on 7th June ??? No worries if this is not possible or you simply do not want to do it.

    I normally try to replicate a historically acurate model from photos. Do you have a picture of this aircraft with D-Day markings? Why do you want me to do this?
    Hi Andy. Thanks for your reply to my somewhat cheeky request ! My reason is that I have a personal interest in Lambie II.....too many words to explain. Please see attached pic which appears to show stripes on the undercarriage wing door ?


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    We have Hurricane MK IIC LF 686 and are always trying to make her as complete as possible.
    To that end we are trying to make her stencils accurate and one issue is the correct Air ministry makings for the fuselage fuel tank.
    We've seen many examples for the MK I but not for the MK II, do you have any counsel for us on where we might locate any documents to that end?

    Many thanks for your help,
    I see you have no silvering either.. well i'll be damned. Nice result!!! WIll take that down for future NMF's.
    Hi Andy,

    Just saw your NMF P51 and what a gem. What was your process for the decal application over the Alclad? In the past I have used future to give the decals a better surface to stick to but it came at the expense of the natural shine.
    I replied in the Recent Purchases thread, sorry for the late reply, I haven't on the forum for a few days. Hope everything is going alright with your family.
    Hey! So i'm assuming the antenna color depended on the aircraft or what? Is there a reference anywhere so I know for future birds?
    Hello my name is Léo'm from Brazil and I love to ride miniature airplanes and helicopters plastics, among others. I wonder if you can direct me to some site that sells the stickers to paste on paper planes and others.
    I thank you and look forward to returning.

    Hey Andy, haven't been active, but are you planning on coming up here to the IPMS show at the Air Museum on the 5th?
    Thanks for the vid.. though that guy gives me the creeps, he is informative and helpful most of the time.
    NICE! Likin #3, as it I started doing little dabs of CA to the pieces because elmers glue just doesnt have the strength I want for holding the windows down. As I use liquid mask so any force on the window would have it pop out, not with CA though.

    Should I just dip the whole clear parts section sprue and all or a piece at a time?
    Hey andy.. what is the benefit to dipping the clear parts in future again? I got some recently and I forgot about its usues for clear parts..

    Thanks, Corey

    You may already know this and I apologize if you do. There is another model site I go to called Right now in the Group build section there is a Me 262 Stormbird GB going on. That is where I got the idea for my twin Stormbird build. I think you need to go over and show them your work. It is just to good to keep on one forum.
    I'll see what I do.. a bit discouraged at the moment with the blue being wrong. I threw away all my pattern masks which I used for the white and dark blue and I spent a bit of time doing the three colors yesterday. Wouldn't be a total waste buying the new paint because I have a 1/48 avenger which I would probably need the same blue again.

    Hi Harrison. Name's Andy.

    Thanks for asking but I sure don't consider myself an expert on the topic. However, based on the references I have, most control panels would have been RLM 66 which is a dark grey. Different planes had different details though so you may want to continue asking around.
    Hello! I was wondering after 1942 what color were Luftwaffe control panels?

    Many thanks!
    Where to post scanned books and so? Thanks for your answer.
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