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  • I'll bet! Just keep upbeat, focus on his victories. They're probably gonna seem small to him at first, he'll need reinforcement that he's making the right decisions and that he's not alone in this. He'll probably also want to know what's going on outside, let him know the good.
    Well, he's in a new environment, some of us take a bit of time to warm up and open up, especially with intimate, personal details like that. A counselor is going to be someone he views as trustworthy, the rest of the patients are unknown quantities for now. But opening up so soon is a good sign! Shows that he really wants to get some help with this. If he didn't think he had a problem, or didnt' want to fix it, he'd be different with her. So, like I said, its gonna be a long road...but this is a very good start!
    (continued) You've never seen a bunch of hard-core military types so excited as when mail call rolls around and they've got something waiting for them. Its a morale boost like you wouldn't believe, and letters are often kept and re-read countless times. One every other day or so shouldn't be too hard to keep up with. And when you're isolated like that, there's really no such thing as a mundane detail. Let him know about that trip you took around the block with the dog yesterday, and the squirrel that dropped an acorn on your head. He'll appreciate it. Might not say it, but he will.
    Amen to that. Gym time will keep him active, sweat all the crud out of his system, get him back into shape, and who knows...possibly become a hobby/interest that keeps going on the outside. As for being down, I would imagine that's not unusual, he's facing a lot of very tough choices and decisions right now, not to mention the soul-searching he's going to have to be doing, all while going through the withdrawal process. This is the time he's going to need to know you're there. NEVER underestimate the healing powers of a short, one or two page letter. The snail-mail type. Hand written (unless your handwriting is like mine, then typing is fine).
    Thanks for the like, bud. Its gonna be a long road ahead for him, for your family, your parents, and for you....it'll be a rough one, but I know you've got the inner strength, maturity, and wisdom to handle it. And, as always, we're always here if you need to vent sometime. Heh. Not "if"...more like "when".
    how's it hanging? I was able to grab a computer at the library. It sucks not having internet at the apartment. Work has cut off all internet access including yahoo. I miss hanging out here. Has anything major happen the past 6 months?
    There are plenty of things to see in Chicago Harrison. Don't miss The Museum of Science and Industry. Thats where the Spit I'm doing for the GB is hanging, They also have a lot of other stuff including a WWII U-Boat, but if you want to see that get there early because the tickets for an interior tour it sell out quickly. The Field Museum, the Shed Aquarium, and the Adler Planetarium are all right together downtown on the lake front as is Navy Pier a little to the north. Then there's the 'Bean' to see in Millennium Park Don't ask me what it's supposed to be but it looks cool. The Sky Deck at the the Sears Tower is fun too. They've installed glass boxes that stick out you can walk out into if you're brave enough! (correction, its called the Willis tower now. I'll never get used to that) but defiantly go to The Museum of Science and Industry. I think you'll love that place and you can easily spent a whole day there.
    Things are going well, I'm on a new construction project now rebuilding a a double deck street in downtown Chicago. You probably know it from the Blues Brothers movie at the end when they were racing underground and up and down ramps. Unfortunately It means that I don't have as much free time now so the model building has slowed down some, but I still hope to get back to my P-47 cockpit this winter.

    Hang in there with school Harrison, I know it's a pain, but it's worth it in the long run. I have to keep reminding my son that a career at a fast food joint is where he might be heading if he doesn't take things more seriously, and he's only in 6th grade.:lol:

    Hang in there Man!!

    Hi Harrison,
    Haven't seen you around for a wile. How's school going? If it's anything like my kids I know you probably don't have much time to hang around here.
    The JG54 book is very good. it's very expensive new. I thought I got a good geal on it used for $20 at Alibris, but I just looked now and they have it for $16. I think the shiping is $3 Hear's the link:
    Alibris: jg 54
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