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  • Thanks for letting me know H. I'm about to head for bed, so I'll have a look tomorrow. Hope you're feeling better.
    No, a C130TF !!! It's got a 100mm gun on the tailgate, for splatting things after passing over !!
    Looks like you're the only one to enter so far H, although I think Dwight and Evan were planning something.
    Naw just went to the hobby shop with a friend yesterday to get a model rocket to launch and just stumbled upon it. Why, are you building one?
    Wow, that's busy! The airshow sounds good, and being able to meet up with other forum members! I expect loads of pics from the 'show! Cheers, off to bed in ten mins!
    He He! Fox by name, Fox by nature! Off to bed very soon - had a couple of friends around, so up later than intended.
    Hi Harry,
    sorry for the late reply, but haven't noticed you sent me a visitor message till now. (Interesting though, I could swear that earlier I was getting notifications when someone sent me a visitor message same as I'm getting them when I receive PM, but not anymore...) Anyway, thanks for compliment, but there's nothing special to it I guess. Since I don't have an airbrush I try to do the best I can with the equipment I have - and that's hand brushes. To be honest though, Terry's guide for hand brush painting was very helpful to say the least. I believe it's posted in PDF format somewhere on the forum (afraid I don't recall where exactly). If you can't find it give me your email adress and I'll mail it to you.
    Best regards
    Hi Harrison. Not bad in general, thanks, although a bit 'up and down' with the changeable weather here. It affects the arthritis quite badly sometimes, and over the past week we've had hot sun at 77 degrees F, and then cold, wet days at 50 degrees F - quite a contrast!
    Ah, school will do that to a modeler. I thought you met a girl the number one killer of model builders LOL Was your leave self imposed or parent directed? The good thing is schools just about over
    I want you to know that your "friend" LesofPrimus is a liar about who his grandfather is. I know this because I really am (one) of his grandsons, and his lies have been brought up to the owner of this website. William "Bill" Case was a humble, honest man with honor and integrity that this poser-wanna-be could never understand. Although he was a flying ace, you would have never known it if you knew the man; it was certainly not what defined him. While I do not want to belittle any of his enthusiasm of vintage military aircraft and modeling, his need to feel important by impersonating (a criminal act) a Case family member is deplorable.
    Brian Donivan
    Shouldn't be a problem. there's only the aerial wires and the base to do. As the deadline is extended two days (good job!) it should be done tomorrow, if my hands work!!
    Thanks. Probably celebrate later in the week. Too stiff and sore to do the final bits on the Lancaster too -- Grrrr!!
    I'll have a quick look now H, if i can still operate the keyboard! Very stiff and painful today mate, everything is a struggle.
    Will Fly For Free, The Unprofessional Pilot Wall Of Shame!! Ice Pilot’s All Episodes..
    you might like this its reality show with lots of C47s,and C46 like ice road pilots but a airline
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