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  • If only that teacher, or the principal, they could've shot that idiot dead, Israel has pretty good ideas.
    Exactly, why should my rights be taken away because of a handful of terrible people. I might not agree with something, but I won't take away your right to do it. There needs to be better security, I'm not sure what I think about arming teachers, I think it might be an option. I think the real issue is how they are raised and there environment, we wouldn't have this problem if children had parents that care and give them a better home. Oh well, there is nothing we can do but pray.
    you're welcome! I couldn't agree with you more. People on both sides, left and right, are making it political, it's a shame.

    My dog has the exact same behavior! If his collar clinks on his metal water bowl, he'll refuse to drink from it. Who ARE these creatures we let into our home?

    I was thinking more along the lines of Finding Nemo. The seagulls when I saw it but was to lazy to type out mine, mine mine mine mine ................:lol:
    Once again I appreciate it, I spent a few bucks on him today. I bought him a hat he's wanted for a while and an autograph from his favorite rapper/singer. He can't have an ipod with him so I thought I might as well send a signed picture so he can sing to himself :lol: We get to speak with him again on Monday. The counselor said he really opened up to her but has kept to himself when it comes to free time and seeing other kids
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