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Sep 17, 2004
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May 27
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Moorpark, CA
Network Engineer/Photographer

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"Shooter", from Moorpark, CA

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Feb 9, 2015
    1. N4521U
      Hi Evan, any idea of members in the San Francisco area? I'm coming over to visit kids and grandkids in the area and want to get a line on any hobby shops in the Bay Area. Cheers, Bill
    2. RabidAlien
      :evil4: Thanks for the "Like"! My service was in between-years, but it still ticks me off to no end to hear someone bragging about stuff they never did. Embellishing some of the stories, that's just part of the former-military thing. Complete fabrication...that's something totally different and worthy of no less than a steel-toe boot.
    3. Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Aaron Brooks Wolters
    4. Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Aaron Brooks Wolters
      The adds are showing up on the last page, first post of each.
    5. Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Eric, I think we have a problem. There are adds popping up in folks sigs and threads.
    6. Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Just a heads up, you need to see post 4352 in Sunny's Video and Photo thread. Click on the video at bottom of post. I'm sure you will appreciate it.
    7. Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Eric, you need to check post 2029 in my photo thread.:lol:
    8. PeanutNavy
      Hello sir, i would like to invite you to fanclub, the supermarine spitfire, join if ya like.
    9. krieghund
      Hello, I have a problem and I hope it can be resolved in a friendly manner. I have never been discourteous to anyone on this board, please check all my posts. I have a problem with Matt308 and I tried to resolve it through private messages.
      I think my time here on this board is about to end, if you will go to Modern section under Nuclear weapons since 1945 you will see the beginnings of a conflict with Matt308. I responded to him in private mail not in the open forum and he respond back not in private but in the open forum he definitely has a block on his shoulders.
      On a happier note I am in the middle of the sand box and this is one of my few diversions and have tried to stay out of the mudd slinging.

      Please have him forward my private mail to you. I do not believe I was insulting in anyway but let him know his remark was unjustified.

      I will let you be the judge, if you feel I was out of line so be it.

    10. Maglar
      Hey Evan, when can we expect the heavy hitters GB judging to be completed and posted?

      Thanks, Corey
    11. Wurger
      Hello Mate,

      How are you today? Is all going well there.I hope so.
      I would like to ask you a question. Is it possible for Mods here to delete pictures in Photo ALbum? It seems that V2 uploaded the same pic of An-2 twice and he asked me if I could remove one of them? All info will be appreciated.

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    May 27
    Home Page:
    Moorpark, CA
    Network Engineer/Photographer
    United States
    Aviation, computers, photography


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    For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. Leonardo Da Vinci