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  • If you have extras please send them.. never read aviation books or the sort and the more the merrier for the brain. But i'm sure the one will be enough. Thanks again bill, if you lived nearby i'd take you to dinner!
    Tamiya acrylic Flat Base, added to the future. I don't think they do enamels? You won't need much of the FB, and it's a good idea to mix-up a small bottle at a time, which gives enough for a number of 1/48th scale models. Although I normally use Humbrol namels, I have a couple of old Tamiya acrylics bottles which i use for mixing an d storing the various clear coats - matt, semi- matt etc. Just ensure you mark the bottles accordingly!!
    I used to use Humbrol Gloss clear and Matt clear varnishes, and sometimes the equivalent in acrylics. Nowadays i tend to use Johnson's 'Klear' (Future in the U.S.) for the clear gloss coat, brushed on. Quite often one coat will do the job, but sometimes a second may be required. Just watch for runs/drips. For a matt, semi-matt, semi-gloss finish, I mix Tamiya Flat Base with the Future, to obtain the desired clear finish, sprayed on. Depending how much Flat is added, a dead matt to a semi-gloss clear coat can be made. Takes a bit of experimenting to get what you want, but convenient, and a darn site cheaper than commercial clear coats! Over a metallic finish, it's a good idea to give a clear coat , just over the decals, to seal them. I do it with a brush.
    Hopes this helps,
    I'm not sure if this will help but I found this website when looking at rc plane builds and finishes.

    Flite Metal..."For The Look Of The Real Thing"
    Hello, I used Alclad Chrome. It's a lacquer based airbrush only paint and is the tops for metal finishes. Alclad also makes a polished aluminum, which would suit what you need. I believe they sell worldwide and shouldn't be a problem to get..

    Cheers, Corey
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