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  • When I woke up the computer just now, the picture appearing with date and time seemed to be one you recently posted on the forum. Could it be yours?
    Hi Gnomey

    I just wondered if you had any time to run over a few theories/topics that has been bugging me for a while. I have researched many ww2 accounts, but i only choose to cover one or two at a time. I would also just be interested in your input and opinion on the subjects.
    Got a question for you. Member dargord hasn't been on for years. Do you have his e-mail in the system? His father flew in WW2 in my squadron and he has photos for our archives but I can't reach him. If you do have access to his e-mail but are hesiatant to give it to me, can you please send him one with my contact info? Cheers!
    If you could, I posted a message to Alder but T Bolt and I started duplicate threads: Post You Boat. could you please either combine them or eliminate mine
    thanks, mike
    Hi, Not sure what's going on with the forum but I can't post anything.I keep getting 'database error' every time I try.I get the same message when I click on 'Todays Posts' too.Very frustrating!
    Well that is good to know - now I can rest in the knowledge that you are not related. Phew. Thats good. Think it will be an early night.
    Are you related to Gnome out of Private Eye ?

    Just wondering - Its late, I am tired, what can I say !
    Gnomey, why can I not upload a sig, it,s no bidder in file size than any others? is a jpg
    Hi Gnomey,
    I have found I hve two profiles, how do I delete the one that I don't use?
    Terry Maker
    Gnomey, as regards your quote of Churchill's "the many and the few", I've read in someone's memoirs that RAF pilots then added the following:
    "and for so little money..."
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