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  • Hello, oldcrowcv63!
    Thanks for your post in my visitor messages.

    In Tokyo, Yushukan (Yushukan Museum) in the Yasukuni Shrine will be convenient for you to drop in.
    You can enjoy not only the A6M5 Zero, D4Y Judy, the suicide rocket Ohka but the general history of Japanese wars since the ancient time.
    JR Ichigaya station is close to there. It is about 15 minutes from JR Tokyo station.
    Have a nice trip!
    In my opinion the post were very good and yours were excellent. I would generally classify strategic war as attempting to eliminate the enemy's ability to wage war, either materially and/or by lowering morale, and classify tactical is the attempt to defeat the enemy at the battle front. As was stated, it can be fuzzy, particularly in interdiction where you can have strategic interdiction like the P-51s straffing rail lines and barges in Germany, or tactically as the P-47s and Tempests were doing in France. The only difference was range.
    Anytime. And when your ready to move , give me a holler if you need help with anything. Sounds like I'll be close enough!! LOL
    Most of the rural areas around are ok but stay away from the city-like areas.....Vineland, Millville, Salem City. Nothing but East Camden. Then again if you are able to get into an area that is declared poor, like Vineland, the sales tax is only 3 per cent. But taxes are brutal all over Jersey. How about Delaware? Close enough to South Jersey yet better taxes and living.
    just a wild stab in the dark Mal...which is what the Hitler lovers will be getting :lol:
    Deutschland uber alles?
    Not on your nelly
    LOL I have no idea. But when he jumps up on the couch late at night and wants to snuggle while watching a movie, its easy to forgive a multitude of quirks.
    We would make a phenomenal pair of diplomats. One of my gaffs was when I described a French customer as a 'bloody frog', with the usual English assumption that the French speak only French...after a while the chap wandered over to my colleague and told him to tell me that 'he was not a bloody frog'...
    Your gift is on a par with mine Mal. I put my feet in it when I posted an article about the holocaust exhibition at the IWM in London and modern Germany guilt...I stand by my post, but its not for this forum obviously...
    Munchen eh...don't mention the war. I did the last time I went to there but, I got away with it.... but, as you say on the way to Japan.
    An exciting trip, and I wish you well Mal.
    Glad to hear that your pup has made friends. Socialising is so important. We look after rescue dogs from time to time and they are different to a dog that has been welcomed into a 'pack' (family).
    I despair of British politics and I have got so wound up that its best to leave it lie least I explode.
    I'll email you an amusing picture in a moment
    That is horrible...what a ghastly experience. Labradors get into your hearts as they are loyal, playfull friends. Better than people one may say....

    Had him as a wallpaper for a while (just do a Google Image search). Would love to find someplace that sells those yellow smilyface buttons with the blood splatter, that would be awesome to have on my range bag!
    Noticed that we joined on the same day, and both of us in N.C., and, it appears that we have the same sense of humor!
    Go figure.
    I have bits and pieces from all over the internet. Plus a couple books on my shelf.
    .....American Caesar. William Manchester.
    .....MacArthur and Defeat in the Philippines. Richard Connaughton.
    Thanks again for the info on that book, I finally got it from the Library and it is great!
    Thanks for the Like in the Girls Aircraft thread! Gotta say...a chick can have the most stunning looks, but if she doesn't have a great personality to go with it, I'm not interested.
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