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  • Hi Shinpachi san, its an honour to be in touch. I have been working in northern Thailand with my colleague Islandee to investigate World War II crash sites. You have already provided invaluable insights into the Mae Tuen (Om Koi) IJAAF Crash 1. I would like to consult about another IJAAF crash (Crash 2) in the same general area, this one is in Tha Song Yang, Tak province
    Hello Ben,
    It is not necessarily easy and takes time to check combat history nowadays but it will be helpful for me if you may post your question in the islandee's thread so that other members can also help, share and enjoy information. Thanks for your kind understanding in advance.
    Shinpachi san, it's my glad to ask for your help. For the files about N1K2-J 紫電改, I find some blueprints on JACAR websites, but the JACAR version(試製紫電改仮取扱説明書) is for the prototype and other manual attachments in the forum are too vague to read. I'm searching for the Japanese manuals for N1K2-J(取扱説明書), I admire your knowledges about aircrafts very much, can you find those kinds of historical files?
    Shinpachi-san, perhaps you can help me with a question that I have on Japanese aircraft data plates. On the date of manufacture line are the years of manufacture expressed in form of 14=1939, 15=1940.. etc. or is it expressed with a single number year digit? For example A6M5, 4-8-18. Thanks for your help in advance>
    Please post a pic in PM service of this forum.
    Shinpachi-san, are you familiar with the D4Y, "Taka-13" which is at Yushukan? I have what I think is a fresh air duct from that airplane , cylindrical, 45mm width at top, 45mm down it tapers to 35mm wide. It features two opening opposite each other and are, 28 mm x 20 mm, with radiusied corners.
    I have no idea about the part you mention. If you may launch a thread with some pics, more information may come from other members :)
    Hello kalani.
    English subtitles seem to be available for the Blu-ray disc.
    Please try to search it with "The Eternal Zero (Region A Blu-ray) (Uncut version) (English Subtitled) Japanese Movie a.k.a. Eien no Zero ."
    Shinpachi-san, Konnichi wa, I have the dvd of "Eternal Zero". One of my tomo wishes to know if there is a version for america region with sub-titles, my sister says she is not able to find any, perhaps you might know. Arigato gozaimasu.
    Shinpachi-san, if you are not familiar with plastic models,how about books? You seem to have an extensive library. Are there used bookstores in Osaka that I might be able to search for used Japanese language, aviation-related books? Thanks again.
    Shinpachi-sama, it appears you know what you are talking about ..... very knowledgeable. I sometimes go to Tokyo and visit the used plastic model stores like Leonardo LG and ET and the bookstores in Jimbocho as well. My family and I hope to visit Osaka next year. While there, are there any used plastic model stores or used bookstores in Osaka that might interest me? Thank you very much in advance for assisting me
    Hello, atsugiryan.
    Frankly, I am not familiar with plastic models.
    Hello, Shinpachi-san, I recently acquired a Japanese hinomaru yosegaki with multiple writings and prayers marking it. I was looking online for translations forums or anything else that might could help and found a post where you had helped translate a few things on another members flag. Would it be possible to email you some pictures of my flag for a translation?
    Sorry I didn't notice your post for a couple of weeks.
    I wish you to create a new thread for the flag you own because I always want to share such information with other members if I may dare to try translation. Thanks.
    Wow Eric! I was just about to go to bed.
    They are called Senba-Zuru(Thousand Cranes) folded praying for the souls of victims.
    Hi Shinpachi-san,

    I was hoping you could answer a question for me. I visited one of the Japanese internment camps from WWII here in California yesterday and notice hundreds of origami cranes near the memorial stone. Do you know why that is done?

    Here are a few shots of the origami groups:

    The thread with more on Manzanar is here:

    Thanks Shimpachi, That's just what I was hoping for. my son's home is close to a JR station so it looks like we can get on a train and do transfers as needed all the way there. This should make a good 2-3 day trip, if we can manage it. ありがとうございました。
    Hello, oldcrowcv63!

    In Tokyo, Yushukan (Yushukan Museum) in the Yasukuni Shrine will be convenient for you to drop in.
    You can enjoy not only the A6M5 Zero, D4Y Judy, the suicide rocket Ohka but the general history of Japanese wars since the ancient time.
    JR Ichigaya station is close to there. It is about 15 minutes from JR Tokyo station.
    Have a nice trip!
    Hi Shinpachi, I am in nara with my son and his wife and I was wondering if you could recommend any aviation museums or displays that might be within a days train ride or an overnight stay such as perhaps around Tokyo.

    I have posted what little I know aout Museums in the Tokyo area on a thread I started in the modern section. Appreciate any help you could give. onegaiitashimasu
    Thanks blobs for your visiting again:)
    Please do not hesitate to post in my thread too.

    I always admire your work because that is an artist's way - to make viewers feel an existence of reality.
    That is also what I could not learn from my career as a machine engineer.

    Thanks again for your nice comment.
    I will be looking forward to watching your fantastic work again.
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