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Southern California
retired avionics engineer

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Jul 27, 2017 at 11:48 AM
    1. oldcrowcv63
      Dav, I wanted to thank you and Drgondog for the persistence in which you made your case for the P-51A. My thinking had been limited by what I'd learned about the Allison powered P-40E at the beginning of the war and believed or understood that the existence of the P-40E as a stop-gap interceptor, poor as it was, was strictly an artifact of the slow development of the P-38. In other words, I supposed the USA had no other options than accepting the limitations of the P-40E awaiting the arrival of the P-38. I knew the P-51 had flown early but didn't really understand that even in its Allison powered incarnation it was a winner. In a perfect world, it should have been adopted by the army and replaced the P-40 as quickly as possible. I don't really understand why this didn't happen. Do you think this is a topic for a new thread or is it a subject that has been beaten to death in this forum. Thanks again, I learned something... Mal
    2. oldcrowcv63
      Dav, Please check out the thread below, I'd be curious to know your opinion on this topic "tactical versus strategic, definition of:" I consider you to be "a higher authority" on this topic. :) It was started by a new kid (evidently a kid based on his posts and polls) on the forum, but one of his polls started a discussion I thought you might find interesting.

    3. Gixxerman
      Thanks for the like davparlr, appreciated.
    4. Jug Pilot
      Jug Pilot
      I am a new kid on the block. Years ago when I was flying P-47's in the New York State Air National Guard, 139th Fighter Squadron, we would occasionaly tangle with F4U Corsair's around the New York city area. These were friendly dog fights. I do not recall which aircraft was better, perhaps evenly matched. They were both really good fighters.Warbirds Chapter 16
    5. B-17engineer
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