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  • No sweat, I liked the post! The more I read on here the more it becomes apparent I am very familiar with only the tip of the iceberg!
    Hi Gixxerman, glad you got to see a bit of the place - not bad eh!? Was the Auckland Museum the only aviation thing you did? Did you go to MoTAT in Auckland?
    Hi mate,
    I wondered where you were ! I had a work enforced break from April to recently. So. I haven't been around to defend the Spitfire lol.
    Good to hear that you have met someone and are happy. A bit of a journey, but as you say not too bad by plane. Where they is a will there is a way.
    I'm ok thanks, very busy getting our property renovation business off the ground.
    Things seem much the same on the site here.
    Well deserved Gixxerman, any sort of apologetic revisionism demands a head on confrontation in a manner that can be clearly and comprehensively understood.
    Your welcome mate. I completely share your views stated in the thread in question.
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