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  • Cheers John.
    All back now as per it's already starting to seem a long time ago.
    NZ was fantastic, sadly I didn't get to do much warbird stuff except I did get to see the Spit Zero @ thew Auckland museum.
    I took some nice pics so I'll post them up in a few days once I get them resized realy.
    Good to hear from you John.
    Best of luck getting your business up running, I know how hard that can be having seen several others do it.....but as you say, if the will is there and you're up for the hard work then (accepting there are no guarantees, sadly) you shouldn't go far wrong.
    I see Seigfried got banned again (assuming the Homer avatar is the same guy who keeps being banned! lol)
    It gets a bit boring seeing the same old apologies rolled out for Adolph his gang......pity cos I am interested in the German POV on the then Euro global geopolitics (am I expecting too much? I keep looking for some sort of coherence, there must have been some sense or rational - they can't all have just been deluded nutters, can they?). many times can people trot out the same old same old 'if Germany did this she could/should have won' nonsense?

    If I don't see you before John (I'm in Jockland on the 9th) I hope you yours have a fantastic Christmas a very happy new year!
    Hi John,
    Interesting times mate.
    You might not have seen me here much in the last 2mths.
    I've been seperated for just over the past 2yrs and recently met a lovely woman, that pity is I live in N Ireland and she in Scotland, so I'm commuting between the 2 places (it's settling into a month there 2 wks here) - thank God it's a simple journey, short journey to the George Best airport then quick 45min flight (turboprop De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 ) picked up at the other end.
    Thoroughly enjoying myself too!
    How about yourself John, I hadn't seen you on the boards for a while back there, everything ok?
    Since my wife passed in 2003, I have lived alone here in NC. My two sons are some distance away in MD and Japan so I don't get out much and welcome opportunities to be a tour guide.
    I haven't even mentioned historic Williamsburg, colonial capital of Virginia and Jamestown as well as Roanoke Island. I will refrain from including Yorktown for the sake on international amity.
    Great! I was going to suggest we meet and raise a pint to the Merlins and the RAF but didn't want to presume. reciprocity obtains. If you get near Viginia beach I could take you to the Military Aviation museum, and on to both Oceana NAS and nearby Elizabeth City Coast Guard Air Station. Dinner would be at the Black Pelican on the beach in Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hills. It's built on what's left of the coast guard station from whence the Wright brothers telegraphed their home on December 1903! There's a visitor center and historic site in KDH and if you are really adventurous you and your spouse can travel to Cape Hatteras to visit the light house and the airfield from where Billy Mitchell departed to sink the Ostfriesland. Finally, you can take a romantic sojourn to Okracoke and stay at the Queen Ann's Revenge hotel while visiting Blackbeard's haunts. Assume mi casa su casa on your visit.
    Geez you are taxing my memory. Sometime in the late 80's although maybe 1990 I think. With that and a similar RO2N to machrihanish in roughly the same time frame, I fell in love with the BI. Hope to visit Ireland and the BI again soon. I accept that the Germans had good aircraft and engines but it seems to me hard to argue the world would be a better place without the merlin. To me its as simple as that.
    Another? Certainly we aren't the only two! There must be millions! There should be millions! No billions. (am I going over the top here?) But I really want to visit Duxford some day, and especially the FAA museum at Yeovilton. This better be sooner than later because I still want to be able to walk when it happens. If I had known how close we were to Yeovlton when we flew in to St. Mawgans, I'd have asked the driver to head for Yeovil instead of Newquay, although Newquay was beautiful.
    You know, in this crowd, I am sure almost any forum member could speak longer and with greater authority on its virtues than I. About the best I can muster is a description of how sweet its sound and maybe a little of how incredible its history. I think the world would be a very different place today if had never been built. To Rolls Royce:salute::salute::salute:
    Thanks! I've replied and done an edited repost when I realized there was more to say on the topic.
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