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  • Hey Lucky(Jan)-

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world. I was wondering if that offer for Great Lakes Shipwrecks and Survivals is still open? It turns out I don't have the book after all. I apologize for the lateness of the this message. Grad School and work have been picking up, and I forgot all about it. If the offer still stands, what do you need on my part besides mailing address? Do you want me to cover the shipping?

    Tjena, kollade in din profil och såg medaljen.. När? Var?
    Själv låg jag på BA02 och DB01
    The voice of experience. Two half brothers have been in rehab. One is just lost to drugs, lost his business, his home, his family. A half sister who killed herself in my mothers house. You can grieve, but you don't have any control over, and can't take personal responsibility for what happens to others.

    Hello Mascot, i would like to invite you to my club, the supermarine spitfire, join if ya like.
    It sounded pretty nasty. I had to leave before the finals, but co-workers stayed. I guess the drivers helmet came off at the beginning of the crash. Never had a chance. He flew out of the car and was laying on the track.
    Was a great show, although humid as hell. One of the altered drivers wes involved a in crash and died in the final round, so it turned out to be a pretty somber event after I left. Sounds like a pretty nasty crash in which the drivers helmet came off. the rest of the races were canceled. Got a few pics I'll post.
    I'm heading to our local drag strip today for a special show with old style fuel altereds running. They also have a car show at the track today as well. I get some pics for you and post them when I can. Should be some cool old stuff down there today.
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