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  • all black 109 with no canopy would look mad i have a profile for G9+JV and decals as well unfortunately no work number or stencils any idea where i can find that work number
    good evening max i have a question for you as you seem to be the man for all things Njg was the 109E used as a nightfighter have looked and found 1 profile of an all black from njg1 and another 109e which was used for trials and then passed on to someone else have you any further info thanks for your time
    Hello, Paul.
    I believe you are fine.

    Please check my thread 'An Old Temple in My Neighborhood' as I have begun to post the photos I took for you in Kyoto.

    Please enjoy.
    was thinking of doing the tamiya new spitfire as a zirkus rossarius plane
    I got a question for you. What do you think about a WWII fighter weathervane? Maybe one small enough to sit on a desk at work or home? I ask because I figured out how to make one and thought about posting the idea. So far I've made a Spitfire and a Mustang mini-weathervane to do a proof of concept and they seem to work well.
    Sorry mate, been working on a project and have this opened looking in so a bit busy :lol:

    Will try to get to it tomorrow !
    Season greetings from New Zealand.

    I have been dong quite well, I purchased the war diaries Vol 1, by Dr Theo W Bointen. What an amazing read..still reading. All the best for 2010. Regards Anna
    Hi Max and thanks for the info.
    Good to know, it's always good to have a few options when it comes to digging out info while doing research and generally learning more about WW2. ;)


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