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  • Thanks for the Like, Maria. I think Harrison's brother has a good shot at getting clean and sober, and I also truly believe that Harrison has what its going to take to help his brother through this. I wish I was half as mature at his age. Heck...I wish I was half that now! LOL
    Well, lets not get hasty and say she's "fast" on the way to recovery. LOL She's been a regular booger today. Didn't eat or drink much, fussy, cranky...having a house full of people and no nap didn't help either. We finally got out of her that she wanted some Vienna sausages (basically, greasy hot dogs in a can....bleah) and some soda. So we went out, got some sausages and an Orange soda. Hey, at least she's eating and drinking now. Hopefully she'll sleep all night tonight.
    Thanks for the "Like", Maria! She's now buggin Momma for chocolate and garlic sauce (an excellent butter-garlic dipping sauce that comes with pizza from one of the national chains, Papa Johns). So, of course, I'm heading out to get pizza. With extra sauce. LOL She's past the contagious point, though, and the antibiotics are working fine, so she's good to go for her birthday party tomorrow (turned 3 on Tuesday)!
    Heh. I remember reading one of Piers Anthony's "Xanth" novels (gotta love sarcasm and twisted puns!), and reading about a friend/fan of his, a little girl who had cancer or something, whom he was putting into a new Xanth novel. Her character, at her request, was a four-fingered elf from a land with two moons. LOL Actually wrote back and forth with her for a little while (snail-mail...this is back in the Dark Ages). Books/comics were my escape from a world that was (to me, at least) a lot nastier than anything I was reading about.
    Thanks for the "Like"! I grew up with my Mom trying to shove all sorts of biographies and history and other "learning" stuff down my throat...she enjoyed reading stuff like that, so obviously her 9-year-old son would, too, right? LOL Someone introduced me to "The Hobbit"...and it was all over from there. Fantasy hooked me from the beginning, and eventually led into Sci-Fi as well. I loved the Elfquest series, anything by Robert E. Howard (bought the B&W Conan mags religiously, but lived for the Solomon Kane tales), and books like Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms series.
    Hey, thanks for the "Like"!!! For now, she knows she gets some candy (we keep a jar full of Snickers bites and Sweet Tarts and stuff for "rewards") if she goes in the potty. So far, its only at night that she willingly runs over (and conveniently forgets about the candy most of the time! Nothing like tryin to put a sugar'd-up toddler to bed....) to the potty, but she's also starting to tell us when she her diaper. I know I don't like sitting in that stuff all day, so I change mine immediately. :evil4:
    And she already knows how to operate the bolt on my Enfield...just not strong enough to do it on her own, yet. *sigh* She makes a Daddy proud!
    Thanks for the good wishes Maria. It was a pretty decent week.
    I finally got some computer problems with this site sorted or I would have responded sooner.

    BB, if you need any books about aviation (English Language) just ask, no need to wait for a Danish edition.

    *Sings* Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen........ :D
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