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  • Hey Brian, my sincere apologies for not meeting up with you on Saturday at the show. I tried calling but no answer. My daughter could not walk around do to knee injuries, so I pretty much stayed with her.

    I hope you are going to the March Air Show this week end and we can meet there. This time I will probably be by myself. Cheers buddy
    Ohhhh...ok, those ads are part of the site. I think there's usually about 3 banner ads per page...they've been part of the site since before the "Clean Blue" change.
    Ok, I might have been a bit quick on that, there's some idiot spamming ads (again)...but the mods will nail 'em pretty soon...
    Haven't heard of anything new...all I've seen are the regular ones that are usually here...
    Thats funny mate, "back to school" plan. Well, atleast they are gone now. But yeah, sometimes people and bots just creep their advertisements onto sites, its sad.

    What ads mate? Sometimes bots or people register and just spam, I might have missed something.?

    Haha, anytime man, I always got your back! It was rather entertaining for the 5 minute duration.. :)

    He basically put 10 links about sri lankas crime against terrorists and how they have ended it there with a bunch of words around each link then he put "Is this bragging??" in font 48 and said this is why Sri lankas is greatest country in the world. I knew it was over after that!
    Hey Weelsup, I'm going to be gone for 2 weeks on vacation in 1 day, so you wont see me on the any forums for a while.
    Pass it on!
    Hi! Nice to hear from you and that you read "Remembering the French Connection". Why the article (that I wrote) was placed into my usual book review column space, I'm not sure, but I'm glad you found it.

    WW2AircraftNet seems like a really good forum and is already helping me out quite a bit...I'm working on my first major fiction project and the research is at times overwhelming. Nice to have a team here to help weed through it and toss out new ideas.

    Have a great night and thanks for dropping by. --"sabrina" (Brigit Hartop)
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