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  • Evan,
    I have an unopened1/72nd, Microscale A-4's, VMF-223, VA-55,VC-5
    decal pack. Would they be something you can use?
    G'day Bill! How are you doing mate?

    That will be absolutely awesome mate, if you have them to spare. I wanted to make a VMF 223 'Squawk' for myself, but didn't have markings, and I have a mate who would love a model of the VA-55 bird.

    Please drop us a Paypal address (if you have one) so I can cover postage.

    Cheers mate!
    I have about two or three years left depending on how hard I want to make each semester with class load. I just switched from pre-med to industrial engineering (my true calling) and will be looking into internships around the area. Orlando has lockheed martin, mitsubishi, harris, and some other larger based companies where I can get a hand into. I'm shooting for lockheed to get near that factory floor!

    I'll still be active in modeling it's just I can only work on them when I come home. I did decide to bring my paint, brushes, and some figures back with me to still keep somewhat busy but not worry about making the birds. It has its trade-offs. I may have better results but you have the knowledge.. something I need to catch up on! :)
    Feels good to be posting. I've been in college for the last two years and can only get a model off once in awhile on breaks or weekends visiting. Really different from when I used to do it all the time and was more involved in forum life. I'm just happy my results are the same if better then they used to be.. it is a patient hobby after all. I live about 30 minutes from disneyland.. never seen the mouse once.
    It's funny I chose the NZ decals over old faithful because I wanted the intermediate blue instead of a neutral / light gray combo and wanted a new perspective for aircraft i've been building. Glad it somehow by natures hand worked with the random dio scheme I wanted. Thanks for the info Evan!

    PS: Don't inquire about the oil drums, there may possibly be some hints pointing it toward tank land. :lol:
    Hi Evan,your inbox is full, so couldn't sent you a PM. Anyway, I've sent you the package today. Hope it won't take long till you get it.
    I'm trying to reply to your PM but the forum's having issues.

    Tried to reply, but I got an error, so apologies if you have 2 from me!

    I I think I'll be ok, but thanks Evan. They actually literally took engines from -4s and fitted them on -7s. The French wanted the ground attack capabilities of the AU-1 but the performance of the -4 so voila.

    hello mate, how's things with you ?

    well i've made a start on my Beaufighter so where are we creating the build threads then ??????

    hope all is well with you

    Geeze, this has been quite the mess! :lol: Glad everything worked out well though. I'm really looking forward to seeing you build it up!

    Hey Evan,

    Tried to PM you to thank you and your friend again for setting this up, but your box was full again. :lol:
    Hey Evan,

    Won't be able to ship it to you until tomorrow morning or possibly Wednesday, as I have a colonoscopy tomorrow so today is prep day and it doesn't finish until the post office is closed, so I'm trapped for a bit! Completely forgot about it until I looked in my calendar last night. :lol:

    Hey Evan, your PM box is full again!

    Yep, saw it was the F, nice and sleek!

    I look forward to seeing you do it up, should look really sharp. Get started on it as soon as you get it! :lol: ;)

    I will do my best to get it shipped off on Monday so it gets over there quick-like.

    Hey Evan,

    I tried sending you this through PM, but your inbox is full! :lol: We should continue the rest through PM as once we get to addresses, I don't think we want that public knowledge.

    So we took a look around the "pit", and nobody thinks they're going to get to the 1/32 TA-4J we have. My brother's still going to build the straight A-4, but if you're interested in the trainer, it's yours.

    G'day mate!

    Wow, that'd be great, thanks! Admittedly I still don't have a model of her yet, but any info or pictures you have of her would be very much appreciated!

    You could maybe even post them in a thread on the forum if you like, as I'm sure a few others would be interested too.

    Thanks again, and welcome to the forum!

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