1. M

    Public Aerospace electronic-generating equip: Aerospace Nuclear generator manuals and related electricity public manuals

    Nowadays, it's a trend for deep-space explorers / spaceships to use nuclear electronic-generator for their electronic sources. For example, RTG(Radiosotopr Thermoelectric Generator) have flown 27 space missions by NASA, mainly used on deep-space explorers. The RTGs for the Pioneer 10 spacecraft...
  2. M

    Long Range Navigation Equipment - Star-light, LORAN, TACAN, and ADF public available Tech Manuals on C-141

    In the first post of the thread, there're C141's extra long range computer star-light navigation system tech public patent manual.
  3. Djbeffects

    WWll Bomb Releases

    Hi Everyone I'm new here this is my first post so excuse me if I've not posted in the correct format. I have recently purchased several small bomb release catches. Not sure if they come under Avionics as they are electrically triggered? I'm trying to get them working from 28v DC power source but...