1. Snautzer01

    eBay: Airwar ww2 The Pilots.

    WWII RAF Battle of Britain Spitfire fighter ace Pat Jamie Jameson DSO DFC*signed | eBay
  2. dneid

    Actual Steps for completing a GB model

    Hey, Guys, I wanted to gain clarity on the process that the mods are used to when declaring a BG model finished. I see that there are posts labeled "**** Done: <GB Declaration>. Is this the accepted way to declare a model finished for a GB? If so, do the mods then "move" this to "***...
  3. tbfighterpilot

    Hello Everybody

    Hi everybody, I joined in June. I like military aircraft, and have made just 1 model (a P-40) and started a second. I have a website (History of Military Aircraft) about military aircraft. I started a group about P-40s (P-40 Lovers) and hope that people will join.
  4. M

    Checkertails - Part 1 - The Legend of the 325th Fighter Group - Free video

    This is Part 1 of a Two-Part Documentary I have created, detailing the story of the 325th Fighter Group "The Checkertail Clan" who fought in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations. This has taken 3-years of research, which has included the discovery of new, never before seen footage and...