1. MrB17F

    Heinkel He-111 “drooped ailerons”

    A question for the Heinkel He-111 experten. I have noticed in some photos, the ailerons on the He-111 seem to droop with the flaps down, most noticeable with full flaps in landing configuration. I am not having much luck finding any information about this. Both ailerons have a very long servo...
  2. Ohm-men

    1/48 Revell Heinkel He-111 H-22 with V1

    Since I kind of cleaned my model cabinet, I decided to take some pics of models I made in the past. This is the Revell He-111 H-22 with V1 I build some years ago. (It's the same kit as released by Monogram, in the same configuration, although with different decals) It's mostly build straight...
  3. Heinkel He-111 Back Right

    Heinkel He-111 Back Right

  4. Heinkel He-111 Left Side

    Heinkel He-111 Left Side

  5. Heinkel He-111 Bomber

    Heinkel He-111 Bomber

    This German mainstay has got to be one of the coolest planes produced by the Germans.
  6. HE-111


  7. he-111 montdidier base 1941

    he-111 montdidier base 1941

    this was sent back home during ww2 by my uncle.any info on who's it might have belonged to would be appreciated.it appears to be from airbase at montdidier france during the battle of britain.1941.might be the camanding offacers,i dont know who else it might have belonged to.