1. MiTasol

    American Instrument Documents

    I am scanning some of my American instrument manuals and will post here. The first few are scanned from RAAF publication 413 and were printed on narrower paper than the US documents so were scaled down to fit. I have pdf'd them the size they are in RAAF 413. These are all compass documents...
  2. P

    Mystery Instruments

    Hi Here are some Instruments I haven't been able to ID maybe someone recognizes them. Thanks in advance
  3. scottdj

    F4U-1/F4U-1'A'/F4U-1D Instruments

    Does anyone know of an information source that lists which instruments were used in the F4U-1 series? For example, the manufacturers of the main tank fuel gauage, altimeter, compass, etc. I would guess that several different makes may have been used. But there must be a list somewhere that...