1. Grant Barr

    1/48 Italeri Junkers Ju-87 R2 Stuka

    For my next project I was looking to build a model almost out of the box. For this I chose a Ju-87 by Italeri from the stash. Whilst I say "OOB" I am sure that some minor scratching and enhancements will creep into the build, but the aim is to keep this one as simple as possible. I'd like to...
  2. Stuka Winter Trees1.jpg

    Stuka Winter Trees1.jpg

  3. Stuka Winter Clouds.jpg

    Stuka Winter Clouds.jpg

  4. Stuka S2-NM5c.jpg

    Stuka S2-NM5c.jpg

    Ju-87 Stuka, S2-NM
  5. E

    Ju-87 B2 drawing with rivets

    Could anybody, please, guess where to get Ju-87 B2 drawing with rivets? (web, book, etc.)