1. Dronescapes

    The V-1 Flying Bomb training video translated In English. Vergeltungswaffe 1 "Vengeance Weapon 1

    The V-1 Flying Bomb's original training video translated into English. The V-1 or Vergeltungswaffe 1 AKA Vengeance Weapon 1 was an early cruise missile. This German training film labeled as "TOP SECRET" from the E.d.L (Erprobungsstelle der Luftwaffe = Test Center of the Air Force) Karlshagen...
  2. KSTinMB

    V-1 with wing-tip take-off assist rockets?

    In the YooToob video "WW2 Stories From An RAF Ace | Captain Brown | Timeline", at 24:55, a V-1 launch filmed from the rear shows what looks like the exhaust of additional rockets, one on the tip of each wing, with flame and sparks, and they are visible on through the end of the clip. In this...
  3. X

    "Why is there a Bucket on your nose Mr. DOODLEBUG??"

    Photographic 'artefact' -or maybe not?? The following is a well recycled picture of a V-1 ground-crew man-handling a V-1 flying bomb on it's ground trolley. Unless my eyes deceive me the characteristic nose profile of the usual V-1 we're all used to seeing is distinctly lacking the normal ogival...
  4. fubar57

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 METEOR F.1 - The Jet Age.

    User Name: fubar57 Name: George Category: Advanced Kit: Tamiya Accessories: None My subject of choice is the Meteor F.1 piloted by Canadian Flt. Off. J.R. Ritch, 616 Sqn., who, on 17 Aug. 1944, shot down a V-1. The six.... As always, I would like to thank those who...
  5. razor1uk

    Pulsejet Motor WW2 info/history scans

    I have done a scan of the section regarding WW2 Pulsejets, if you want it - pages are 7?? x 1024 jpg size, each half of the pack is 5.7Mb 5.44Mb in 7z compressed format. Mediafired... I have checked them with Avast, and mediafire also checked them, report any problems. Password is pulse, for...
  6. Fi103


    Piloted V-1