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    Messerschmitt Me 323 "Gigant", Arado 232 "Millipede" video

    Messerschmitt Me 323 "Gigant", Arado 232 "Millipede" and other advanced German WW2 transport aircraft. Includes an interview with Eric Winkle Brown about the aircraft, https://youtu.be/AN1hk4dEhW0
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    Need help identifying the aircraft Bell P-39 Airacobra

    Good afternoon, my name is Maxim Vasilyevich, I am a member of the search group from Belarus. We are looking for dead soldiers of the Great Patriotic War on the territory of Belarus. We recently discovered the remains of a Soviet assembly that was shot down in 1944. The plane turned out to be a...
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    Identify This Canadian WWII Aircraft?

    Can anyone identify this Canadian WWII aircraft. 4th from the left, back row, is my father. He was stationed mainly at Ucluelet BC, Annette Island Alaska, and Pat Bay BC. I know that he flew in Stranraers, Bolingbrokes, Cansos, and briefly in Liberators. I don't know about others. The turret on...


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    WW2 Heroes in their own words. Documentary (link)

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    The Flying Tigers. A documentary

    Part 1 of the Flying Tiger's documentary. Enjoy!
  7. Aviation History: Short Stirling

    Aviation History: Short Stirling

    The Short Stirling is often overshadowed by the Lancaster and Halifax, but it still made a considerable contribution to the Allied War Effort. In 1942 alone it flew in all the 1,000 bomber raids. While it had its short comings most of them was as a result of the original specification and it...
  8. Aviation History: The Fairey Barracuda

    Aviation History: The Fairey Barracuda

    The Fairey Barracuda is an unique design. It became the first aircraft in Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm to be fabricated entirely of metal. It would operate in si...
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    WW2 british aircraft South east

    Hi does any one have any information on WW2 aircraft or the place the plane's was stationed at in the south east UK. Hastings saw a lot of action in WW2 and I'm trying to find out if there's any stories about planes being called out to Hastings.